Better Engage with Vulnerable and Hard to Reach Patient Populations

IntelaCare is a conversation AI and Remote Patient Monitoring infrastructure supporting under-served patient populations by enabling the exchange of healthcare and social determinant of health content.

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Promote health equity, and improve the health

and life circumstance of all populations…

Deliver Virtual Care Services

Healthcare services that are delivered remotely, typically through the use of telecommunication technologies such as phone, video conferencing, or the internet.

These services allow patients to receive healthcare from a provider without the need to be physically present at a healthcare facility.

Virtual care services extend the clincial reach and enable Remote Patient Monitoring.

Enable Chronic Care Self Management

Chronic health conditions are long-term illnesses that require ongoing medical attention and can significantly impact an individual's quality of life.

The goal of chronic care management is to help individuals with chronic conditions better manage their health and improve their quality of life.

This promotes better patient self-management and self-sufficiency.

Help Reduce the Digital Divide

The digital divide refers to the gap between individuals, households, communities, and countries that have access to modern information and communication technologies and those that do not.

People who lack access to these technologies may be at a disadvantage in terms of education, employment, and access to information, and may face additional challenges in terms of healthcare, as the use of virtual care becomes more prevalent.

“The IntelaCare Mission is to build healthy and sustainable communities, leveraging cognitive processing technology. Our goal is to promote health equity by improving the health and life circumstance of underserved and vulnerable populations...” - Arthur R. Henderson - Founder & CEO

Democritize Healthcare Delivery

Democratizing healthcare means making healthcare accessible and affordable for all members of a society, regardless of their income, social status, or location. This can involve a range of measures, including increasing the availability of healthcare services in underserved areas, reducing financial barriers to accessing care, and expanding insurance coverage to more people.

Increase Participation in Medical Reserach

Increasing minority participation in medical research is important for several reasons. Firstly, it helps to ensure that research is representative of the population and that the results can be generalized to a diverse group of people. Secondly, it helps to address health disparities and ensure that all communities have the opportunity to benefit from new treatments and therapies.

Promote Health Equity

Means working to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to live a healthy life, regardless of their social, economic, or demographic characteristics. Promote knowledge in of evolutionay cellular therapies. By promoting health equity, we can create a more equitable and just society where everyone has the opportunity to live their best possible life.

Our Technology

IntelaCare is AI-based and leverages ML models, NLP, mobile/web apps, Amazon Alexa Skills, IBM Watson Chatbos, and advanced video conferencing technologies to exchange personalied content.

Cognitive Processing

Mobile and Broadband

Cloud Computing

More than just telehealth, we include self-service virtual care applications which take advantage if increased, cloud, compute and telecomunications infrastructure.

Technology organizations with whom we have relationships include:

A History of Healthcare Innovations

The IntelaCare Team is comprised of individuals and organizations with decades of healthcare and technology experience and relationships, working in both the commercial and government sectors. This includes mental health and clinical experts, provider groups, social service organizations, and technology partners. We understand that “education” alone does not change behavior, but we believe our innovative strategy will lead to increased patient engagement.

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